You will really love Europe

The world is filled with diversity and it can be experienced throughout the places where we travel. Europe is such blessed continent where you can experience the most diversity on the planet. The Europe cities are a dreamland for every traveler. Whether you are a nature or adventure lover, it would really leave you enthralled. The rich past has formed it and the civilization of each place you travel is totally diverse. Even if you take a trip to a small city in Europe, you would be astonished to see many charms. With amazing to do in every season, Europe is definitely the best option for touring. Because the places are many, it is little difficult to choose the best place. Though London and Paris are everyone’s favorite, here are some of the best places that you can include in Europe holiday packages from Mumbai if you are touring around Europe.

1. Turkey

I have already visited the place and it has won the heart of the travelers. It is considered one of the best places in Europe. The special place it has won is as of the impressive civilization and unlimited charms. Turkey is one of the best places on the earth where you can experience the similarity of both the countries – Asian and Europe. Whether you want to spend some leisure time by its peaceful coasts or find out the minaret filled skyline, Turkey would definitely please you. Hagia Sophia is an outstanding place to start your journey as it reminds you the Roman masterpieces. The Goreme Fairy Chimneys formed due to volcanic activity is a must-see place. The breath-taking view can be enjoyed through the delightful hot balloon ride. Even beaches are the main charms of Turkey.  

2. Prague

The destination will attract you in all way. The city is a paradise itself when it comes to discovering its civilization and the beautiful structures. The place is full of energy and no matter where you tour in the city. You would experience the past discharging out. Due to enrich with charms, it is always a challenge to choose the best. If you are traveling the place, a tour to the beautiful Charles Bridge is necessary. The bridge is one of the charming spots in the city. Vltava River is a great attraction and the beautiful view can be experienced from the bridge. Visit the Old Town Square to explore the oldest times of Prague. From superb street acts to the grand structures, it is the most vibrant sites in the town. Explore all the attractions of this amazing city.  

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3. Switzerland

A Swiss vacation is the best idea to surprise yourself. Though the country is a tiny nation, you would be astounded to come across the unlimited travel charms it has to offer. The Swiss have planned a good transportation system that connects all the parts of the country. No matter where you travel in Switzerland, you will be delighted with the natural beauty. It is also considered to be the best place when it comes to tourism. Allow your eyes to explore the beautiful landscapes. Being here is a treat for the nature lovers. To experience the wildlife, head to the stunning Swiss National Park! A trip to Switzerland is one of those destinations that will stay fixed in your memories.

Europe is just a world in itself and exploring these three major destinations can give you beautiful memories to cherish. If you haven’t traveled the above places of Europe, then must plan or book Best Europe tour packages from Delhi 2017 to embark on a journey to find out what these places has to offer. 

Best Places to Visit in Kerala in June

Looking for a tourist destination in India for taking the enjoyment of the tour along with your beloved? If so, Kerala , which is earnestly renowned as the ‘Gods’ Own Country’, is just for you. Located in the southern part of India, this heavenly destination is thought as one of the top tourist destinations of India. All the year round, a great number of romantic couples, holiday vacationers and backpackers from all over India as well as the world escape to this perennial destination to have the fun of the tour. Kerala Packages India is particularly tailor-made to make the tour of this destination easy, comfortable and convenient.


Famous for its sublime vistas and emerald tea plantation, Munnar, which draws the kind attention of honeymoon couples as well as family holiday vacationers, is counted among the most renowned hill stations of this charming destination. Here, you can pay a visit to the tea museum. The nearby trails in the Western Ghats are perfect for hiking.

Athirappilly Falls

Boasting of being the largest waterfall in the southern Indian state of Kerala, the Athirappilly Falls, which is lovingly called ‘The Niagara of India’, is regarded as one of the most preferred points of interest in this heavenly destination. Having its entire height of 82 ft (25 m), this mesmerizing waterfall, which is the watercourse of the Chalakkudi River, is perfect for taking the enjoyment of the Jungle Safari.   

Alappuzha (Alleppey)

Also referred to as Alleppey, Alappuzha, which was remarked by Lord Curzon as one of the places known as the ‘Venice of the East’, is called the ‘Venetian Capital of Kerala’. Counted among the most preferred tourist destinations of Kerala, this beautiful place is perfect for taking the enjoyment of the romantic Kerala backwaters by taking part in snake boat races or by taking a house boat on rent here.

The detail of the best places in Kerala to be visited in the month of June is following:


Literally  ‘A Grove of Coconut Trees’, Kovalam, which is situated in the Thiruvananthapuram city, the capital city of the southern Indian state of Kerala, is a breathtaking beach town along the Arabian Sea. Situated approx 16 km south of the city center, this beautiful beach town is famous for enjoying the tour of three splendid and sandy beaches, and several points of interest.


Being a coastal town and suburban town of the Thiruvananthapuram city, Varkala, which is also renowned for the 2,000 years old Janardana Swami Temple, a significant Vaishnavaite shrine in India, is a must visit tourist destination during the tour of Kerala. Often referred to as ‘Dakshin Kashi (Benares of the South)’, this tourist place, which is blessed with a number of points of interest such as the Papanasa Hills, must be visited once at least in the entire life.


It is notable that there is no better option of taking the enjoyment of the season of Monsoon than being in the lap of Mother nature. Wayanad, which is blessed with an immense forest region, comprising the wildlife sanctuary, perfect for being explored in the season of Monsoon, can be visited in the month of June.

Overall, it can be undoubtedly said that the above-mentioned places of Kerala are a must visit during the month of June. In the case of being desirous to explore any of these tourist places, you can book Kerala Tour Package from Pune with Best Price. Being affordable to the budget for all types of people, these holiday packages, which are available at ARV Holidays, one of the leading tour and travel operators of India as well as the world, can also be customized according to the choice of the clients. To know more about the holiday packages, also visit us online at:

Holi celebrations across India

Bangkok and its beauty

Saint Augustine has said that “The world is a book and those who don’t travel read only one page”. In our daily crush we stop to think of the world beyond ours and therefore are deprived of expanding our horizons of enjoying life in its real logic. Travel really support us to have a sneak peek into other lives and civilisations and have a wide and understanding of the biological, past and social development of this stunning planet we live in.

India is a melting pot of different cultures, where language changes at every few miles, even a lifetime is too short to take in this superb experience known as “India”. It is said that, the superb world expands far and wide beyond our backyard. Thinking of travelling globally, the first destination that comes in our mind is “Thailand”. It offers something to every family. 

Civilisation, enjoyment, wellness, religious studies, stillness, comfort and shopping describe this beautiful nation. What more can we ask for when all this is adorned with easy approachable and great affordability. The Thai capital Bangkok and the fun city of Pattaya head the list of every traveller but much fun and excitement lies ahead in discovering Bangkok and beyond. 

Situated on few minutes of drive from Bangkok, there is a royal Thai capital city of “Ayutthaya”, with its many world heritage ruins and monuments, really presents a unity of past and present. A superb and equally delightful quality of Ayutthaya is its “floating market”, where the boat sellers sell a number of things.

Approx 200 km from Bangkok, there is the ‘Nakhon Ratchasima’ region boasting the ‘Khao Yai National Park’. A happiest and beautiful countryside drive from Bangkok, The Khao Yai National Park which spreads around thousands of acres is a world heritage site and a home to a number of species of wildlife. Some very impressive charms around and outside the national park are ‘Chokchai Farm’ – Asia’s biggest dairy farm with a wild-west flavour for experiencing Agro-knowledge Tourism and accommodation in eco-style shops tents.

Positioned about 2 hours from Bangkok is “Kanchanaburi” the most popular attractions here are “the Kanchanaburi War Cemetery”, where 6,982 prisoners were buried, the world-popular “Bridge over the River Kwai”, established by the forced labor of around 60,000 soldiers in WWII and the very popular “Tiger Temple”, where you can get a chance to go close to the tigers, who roam freely here.

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“Hua Hin”, is an oldest seaside resort and located on 3 hours of drive from the south-west of Bangkok, which has grown from its humble origin as a fishing village into the favourite vacation destination of us. The place is well-suited for families or those who simply want to run away the city bustle. Once a tiny and very quiet seaside city, “Cha-am” is located around 20 km. 

It is decorated with a long and sandy beach, is a very popular destination among those who love beautiful seafood and comfortable accommodation or bungalow. The appealing “Santorini Park” here characteristics a huge shopping region, restaurants and an entertaining park.

With a number of exciting excursions possible from Bangkok, the next time you make your Thai vacation, must think about Bangkok and others. Travel to these hidden gems of Thailand, discover these places and enjoy life. 

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6 interesting reasons to celebrate New Year in Dubai

New Year’s is the good time to celebrate and build stunning recollections together with your darling ones. It’s that point of the year wherever we have utterly gathered all the superb recollections of the complete year and also the unhealthy experiences to find out from. Simply once we are close to decide upon a brand New Year’s resolution for successive year, the gorgeous festivals of Christmas greets us, followed by the stunning year ending.

Dubai happens to be an amazing destination to celebrate this special occasion in Dubai Tour Packages . All around you in this period is just amazing. It invites people around the globe to witness some of the greatest and world’s biggest festivities.

Dubai happens to be an incredible place to celebrate this big day. All things around you in this season are simply great. It invites folks around the planet to experience a number of the best and world’s biggest revels.

Cheerful Markets and Striking Decorations

The year finishing is widely known in the town with lovely winter decorations, wonderful food, some melodious carol singing and delightful Christmas markets, all at identical time! Dubai appears beautiful in its own merriness.

Winter Celebrations

The city enjoys a winter competition per annum and holds some interesting charms for folks around. The Amphitheatre in the city holds many events with totally different bands performing live, prize bargains and unlike year ending carnivals with Santa. This stunning know-how doubles up because the entire town appearance thus dependent on the celebrations.

Snow in Sands – Ski Dubai

Imagine going athletics in a very desert destination!! The important indoor holiday resort – Ski metropolis is in the Mall of Emirates. The Snow Park is a nice place for family fun enjoying snow caves, sledge grades and tube rides. The alpine café is right for sipping drink in -4 degrees or looking the daily march of snow penguins.

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Mesmerizing Fireworks Display

Soon when the winter competition ends, comes another unimaginable reason to celebrate. It is the time to invite the New Year! The exciting fireworks show on the Burj Khalifa and also the Palm Jumeirah isn’t any hidden secret. On the stroke of time of day, metropolis welcomes the year with some stunning fireworks. The complete sky appears stunning creating the view an experience of a period of time. One might simply sit on the corniche and watch the fireworks going round the whole shore.

Best New Year Eve Parties

Dubai conjointly welcomes a number of the simplest DJs and artists from round the world to Party on the New Year’s Eve. If party’s on your mind, then you'll be able to realise a number of the foremost lavish parties in here.

Dubai makes sure a brand new Year like never before. So, if you're trying forward to pay the Christmas and New Year in pure splendour, then Dubai is an iconic place that may build your Christmas Merry and New Year’s Eve Happy! 

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Favorite Bollywood movie locations around the world

Do you like to see movies and very fond of the background sceneries in the songs? Have you ever get a chance to click your pictures in these popular places? Here we have brought you a top Bollywood movies location, which makes a great impact on tourists.


Thailand is highly visited due to its tourist attractions; this place is blessed with amazing beaches, green hills, and historical places with the kind people. May be you remember that hit song of Bollywood “Kaho Na Pyar Hai”, held the breath of the audience with the location, which displays the white sand, calm water and picturesque Island in Thailand. Other movies such as “Student of the Year” and others show the beautiful hotels with wonderful interiors, gorgeous beaches, the Rocky Waterfalls, the architectural marvels of the city. Thailand is a nation to witness the spectacular landscapes to experience.


Better known as the best Island to go, Mauritius is a favourite place for Bollywood. Movies like Ek Villan, F.A.L.T.U are shot here and feature the best waterfalls in the Island. This breathtaking waterfall is an iconic place to stop and have a relaxing time to enjoy a serene atmosphere. The magnificent view of the Le Morne Mountain attracts people to trek. Snorkelling, deep sea diving, swimming are some activities can be enjoyed here. Apart from these, there are a number of things to see and do on this Island. Travellers can easily fall in love with its incredible natural beauty.


Many times we come across the beautiful scenery of Dubai while seeing a Bollywood movie. Be it an action sequence in film “Race” or the romantic location of Dubai, we are pleased by its beauty. There are many reasons why Dubai is becoming a favourite destination for movie makers is easy reach. It is close to the Mumbai and offers easy procedures to shoot a movie here. Dubai has a great variety of locations and offers you plenty of entertaining options like shopping, water parks, historical things, superb architectures and clean environment. It is connected well with all international destinations.


Famous for attractive skyline, the glamorous star ferry and exciting street markets, Hong Kong is the most appealing destination in the world and its outstanding locations attract Bollywood movie makers to shoot films over here. Awarapan, Company, are such films that are coming in my mind right now. The movies were shot at harbour and South China Sea. 

There are a plenty of things to enjoy here, right from panoramic view of the Victoria Peak, sparkling skyscrapers and dazzling galaxy of light. Repulse Bay is one of the most amazing beaches of here and also gives you a chance to enjoy your shopping at the nearby market called Stanley, which is a wonderful place for shoppers. You can also taste endless items that depict the culture of here.   


The country boasts a number of beautiful places that comes with culture, history and amazing wonders. A few movies were shot in China, which covers the maximum charms of its locations. “Chandni Chowk to China” was an action packed movie featured Akshay Kumar and Deepika Padukone. 

The Great Wall of China is the major attraction of China and people from all parts of the world come to see this huge creation of Chinese People. The wall is a favourite movie location place not only for Bollywood but also for Hollywood.  

Movies are like a mirror that shows the actual beauty of that destination and as per that we plan our vacation. But the list doesn’t end here and in upcoming movies, you will get more beautiful destinations to see. 

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6 Best Places in the world to celebrate New Year 2017!

New Year’s Eve is coming in few days and definitely all will find the best place to enjoy with your loved ones. You can find many wonderful places in the world to visit for this celebration. Read ahead -

1. New York City, New York

Well over 1,000,000 folks move at Times Square to fancy this common celebration. you may indulge yourself listing the seconds to time of day whereas a large 12-foot sparkly ball is slowly born down from a flagpole atop the Times Square building and more than a lot of paper is born onto party-goers. This can be forever a televised event, thus you would possibly see yourself on TV. You'll conjointly expect an amazing pyrotechnic display; massive celebrity music acts and a brand new Year’s Eve wish Wall where you'll write down your decision for the year.

2. Edinburgh, Scotland

Huge crowds arrive here for the yearly Hoganay celebration, which implies a celebration of the end of the world of the year. You’ll hope to visualize world-popular music acts and ancient party diversion throughout the streets. A wonderful fireworks show is about off at nighttime and therefore the party then continues whole night. Activities organised ensuing day embody a run down the Royal Mile, a dive within the phase change cold waters of the watercourse Forth, the Loony Dook Parade and a dog-sledding competition.

3. Sydney, Australia

Many activities border this celebration. You’ll expect to envision autochthonal smoking ceremonies, aerial flyovers with messages in the sky, small-light shows, a huge beautiful fireworks show and a lighted boat parade. Associate degree final dance party is control at Bondi Beach and there are even wonderful activities to support the kids enjoy at Taronga menagerie. 

4. South Lake Tahoe, California

The Snow Globe Music competition is taken into account one in every of the most effective places to check an excellent mixture of EDM artists on New Year’s Eve. You’ll be able to dance and party all night; however this event offers one thing additional. Attendees are given raise tickets so that they might enjoy the complete day sport.

5. Paris, France

At the tower, you may see a really spectacular exhibit and fireworks show. However, mostly all avenues of Paris waken with hordes of individuals celebrating, creating the rounds of bars and clubs and having a beautiful time with fireworks and much of champagne. Dreamy New Year’s Eve boat cruises on the Seine are also offered for people who want for slightly privacy for his or her celebration.

6. London, England

Over 1 Lakh guests come together onto the banks of the Thames River and start the count to clock putting the hour of hour once associate elaborate showing and fireworks show flies. The party typically continues throughout the night with activities designed for future day as well as a three-hour parade complete with walking bands, colourful drifts, dressed dancers and a superb procession of the Queen’s horses. 

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